b'and healthy eating, that her body was be- her that she had TMJ and she would needup my kids from school, I was experiencing ginning to cleanse itself of years of toxicto have her jaw broken! dizziness. It was at that instant that I decided build-up from previous poor eating andOneofEvittasclosefriendsknewofto make an appointment to see Tim Morrow. lifestyle habits. Unaware of this, Evitta wentamasterherbalistnamedTimMorrow,I was 30 years old at the time and I truly did to seek medical help, which then led to herwho had helped many regain their healthnot think that I would live past 35.four-yearnightmareevencausingherthrough the use of his unique herbal com- The first time she met Tim in person was to gain 40 pounds! After years of endlessbinations.ButEvittahadmanyexcuseswhen, only a few days later, she walked doctor visits, medications, and treatments,not to go and see himas a single, work- through the door of his Hawthorne office. her doctor told her that her illness wasing mother she thought that he was tooTim recommended some of his herbal prod-all in her head, therefore he prescribed herexpensive and that his products probablyucts to Evitta and for the first time she had anti-depressants and told her to see a psy- wouldnt work. hope! chologist. Nothing that the doctor did im- Evitta distinctly remembers the moment proved Evittas health, actually the doctorswhen she suddenly decided to see Tim Mor- Hope, Herbs, and Healthtreatments were only making Evitta worse.row about her mystery illness. One day onEvitta started noticing positive results To add insult to injury, another doctor toldthe way home to Long Beach after pickingvery quickly. In fact, she spent a solid year of detoxing with Tims recommended herbs because of all of the medications that she had been previously prescribed and taken from her medical doctor. At the end of a year, she felt like a brand-new person and completely well again. She knew in her heart that she never, ever wanted to take medical drugs again. Evitta also felt much more empowered since she was no longer dependent upon someone else for her own health, and also started approaching and caring for her health from a preventive and nottherapeuticperspective.Ofalltheir core Common Sense Principles, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure al-ways ranks among the most important.If anything, Tim taught Evitta to take full responsibility for her own health, a lesson she appreciates to this very day. Tims fa-vorite motto was, Growing old does not make us sick, its getting sick that makes us old.God Works in Mysterious WaysAt that time Evitta was already divorced and taking care of her three young daugh-ters.RearedasaCatholic,shewasstill on a journey to expand her awareness of God. One day, Tim kindly invited Evitta to go with him to the Seventh-day Adven-tist Church that he had been attending for many years. From the very first time that Evitta went to Tims church she felt spiritu-ally connected and amazingly empowered. They continued to attend church together, and that is how their personal relationship began. Danielle and her mother Evitta inOne thing led to another and before long, the offices of the family company,Tim and Evitta were getting marriedon Common Sense Herbal Products November 16, 1997. They had one daughter together, Danielle. The newly joined family 18 H ealtHF reedomN ews /F all2021'