b'settled down in Carson, California, wherethey made speaking appearances for events they bought a house. atRutgersUniversity,theParkerPolice Danielle was very fortunate to have suchStation in Los Angeles, Williamstown Sev-health-conscious parents. She was born atenth-day Adventist Church in New Jersey, home with a midwife, not a doctor, in at- and other diverse locations in New York tendance, and without any medication. SheState,Mississippi,andAlabama,taking had her first Wellness visit with a midwife,Danielle with them on each trip.never went to doctors at all, and was alwaysBefore he passed awayin fact, long be-healthy. Never vaccinated either, Daniellefore thatTim foresaw and would speak washomeschooledbyTimandEvitta;about the problems that would come to and, as I can personally attest, Danielle isconfront America. He predicted the kind of a healthy, beautiful, intelligent, well-edu- medical tyranny that we are witnessing and cated, and talented young lady. experiencing today, with its persecution of those free-thinkers who are determined to Common Sense Herbals take responsibility for their own health and Tim had created a business with Naturesthe health of their family. He predicted long Sunshine Products as early as 1981. How- ago that people would turn on each other ever, in 1985, he decided to start his ownin this fight, and Tim himself lived long independenthealthcompany,whichheenough to be persecuted by the authorities namedCommonSenseHerbalProductswho convinced others, whom he had done (www.commonsenseherbs.com). He grewno harm to, to turn on Tim. It broke his his business with his experience, intelli- heart, as it would any innocent man.gence, and charm. But he wasnt becom-ing as successful as he would like to haveLast Remarksbeen. Once Evitta entered Tims life in 1992,I leave it to Danielle Morrowwho grew she started helping him with the business.up in the family business and knows her Thats when the business seriously took offmother bestto share these last remarks and became a real success. now about Evitta. Compassionate, driven, Until Tims death on December 20, 2019,creative, intelligent, fierce, faith-filled, and Evitta Morrow ran Common Sense Herbalinspirationalarejustafewofthemany Products with her late husbandTim wasamazing qualities that make up my mother. the face of the company and Evitta ran theWisdom and genuine care are at the coreDr. Robert Bob C. Beck, D.Sc.business and promotional side of the com- ofeverythingshedoes,fromrunningaTruly a man ahead of his time, Bob pany. For nearly 35 years their joint missionhome to running a business. She is, with- Beck recognized that the health was to provide people with herbal and nu- out a doubt, a natural-born leader who is achallenges many people face can be tritional options while educating them totrue visionary. She always makes sure thataddressed effortlessly and painlessly understand and approach their own uniquegrowth and integrity are the guiding light inthrough some very basic technology. health from the inside out. her decision-making. Her will to get the job Evitta worked at the office, often withdone and endure any hardship makes herThe Beck Protocol consists ofDanielle as an infant at her feet and lateran exemplary leader in every respect. I hon- four parts which work together, as a young girl by her side, as she and Timestly dont know how she does it, her men- helping the body to heal itself:shapedandgrewthebusinesstogether.tal strength and determination have me in Customers loved them and became moreconstant awe. I believe her faith in the Lord, Micropulsing, also known as blood thanjustcustomers.Theywouldoftenwhich she so devotedly shared with my fa- electrification or blood cleansingbecome friends and even feel like family!ther, is truly her source of strength. I believeusing microcurrentsAnd they were always cared for like fam- He gives her the ability to succeed and flour-Pulsed Electro-magnetic Fields ily. Many of them saw and remarked uponish in all she sets out to accomplish. (PEMF)the benefits. Evitta, with her experience andFrom the words of encouragement and passion for helping others, even coachedinspiration that line the walls of Common Ionic Colloidal Silverwomen on birthing and assisted in home- Sense Products to the warmth you feel the Ozonated Waterbirth deliveries. moment you open the doors, all can be at-Always together, Tim and Evitta trav- tributed to her attention to detail. Her gen-elled across the country in the years fromuine love for the work and life she had with 1993 until 2019, sharing their knowledgemy father and her natural ability to make about the power of herbs far beyond South- an office feel like home are truly beautiful ern California. Among many other places,to experience.H ealtHF reedomN ews /F all2021 19'