b'some U.S. State legislators and governors are taking action to halt the madness. Flor-ida Governor Ron DeSantis has forcefully exposed the Federal governments lies and ordered that the Florida Attorney General file legal action to stop the mandate. Texas Governor Greg Abbott recently issued an executive order prohibiting any businesses or organizations in Texas from mandating COVID-19 vaccines. And on October 26, 2021, it was reported that Alabama Republi-can Governor Kay Ivey signed an executive order directing Alabama State agencies to resist Bidens COVID-19 vaccine mandate. out their informed consent. ulations, which it just has but which haveResistance is building and spreading.Lie #9: Vaccines Will Never Be Man- been stayed by Federal Court order. 12dated. In 2020, anyone who predicted thatThe Vaccine Mandate gets a bit trickierIts Not About Healththe government would mandate COVID-19when you try to reconcile Bidens Septem- None of this is about health. Its about vaccines was labeled a conspiracy theo- ber 9, 2021 announcement with the actualcontrol and power over you, the reader. If it rist because government officials were atExecutive Orders published in the Federalwere about health, then why wouldnt the that time stating that vaccines would neverRegister on that day. There are two of them:government allow those who have had and be mandated. Yet, here we are with threeExecutiveOrder14042thatcoversFed- survived COVID-19, and hence have devel-vaccines for COVID-19 having been issuederal contractors only, and Executive Orderoped superior-to-vaccine natural immunity, Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs) by14043 that covers Federal employees only.to have the same travel and social rights as the FDA and now, supposedly, made com- So, where is the every employer with a 100the vaccinated? Because it is all about set-pulsory for a large segment of the Ameri- or more employees order? There are noting us up to take away our basic, human canpopulationdespitetheexistenceofother Federal Executive Orders publishedfreedoms.safer, cheaper, and more effective treatment as they must be by lawin the FederalPerhaps Floridas Surgeon General Jo-procedures for COVID-19, such as hydroxy- Register, so they, quite simply, do not exist,seph Ladapo said it best, So this idea that chloroquine, zinc, intravenous Vitamin C,despiteJoeBidensstrongbutdeceitfulthe vaccine mandates are needed to create and Ivermectin. words. More trickery, intended to fool thesafe workplaces is a complete lie. Its contin-Breaking his earlier promises not to man- population into believing that the mandateued to be repeated. And you should know date vaccines (made on December 4, 2020,is more comprehensive and immediate thanthat its not at all backed up by science. In and July 23, 2021), Joe Biden announced onit actually is. fact, the science says something thats com-Thursday, September 9, 2021, that he willpletely the opposite. 13(See NHFs formi-use OSHA to force every American em- Remember, These Are the Same dable collection of COVID-19 science facts ployer with 100 or more employees to injectPeople Who Have Always Lied at https://thenhf.com/resources/covid-19-their employees with a COVID-19 vaccineTo You the-science-we-should-know/)(or, in the alternative, mandate weekly test- But readers can understandably ask whyYes, Surgeon General Ladapo, you are ing). This mandate could encompass upthegovernmentanditsmanyminionsright to call out the liars. As I write this with to 80-100 million Americans and is to bewould want to trick us with lies and otherHalloween and its bag of tricks just past, enforced with heavy fines levied againstfalse information? What do they have tomillions of Americans and others around offenders for each violation. This movegainother than more money, more power,theWorldareabsolutelydisgustedand is exceedingly dangerous as the COVID- and more control over us? Already, the evi- angry with yet another, more serious kind 19 vaccines have been shown to be moredence is overwhelming that incoming legis- of trickery that has been played upon them dangerous to health than COVID-19 itself,lators and regulators start their careers withfor decades now. The trickery and lies did or any of its variants. far less income than when they leave office.not start in 2020, but they have had their But,inyetmoretrickery,havetheseThe combination of power and greed is ir- roots deep in our history. It is time for these COVID-19 vaccines actually been mandatedresistible to many. lies and tricks to stop, and the way to stop as portrayed by the mainstream media? The governments of the World are in athem is through political action, non-com-Lie #10: A Vaccine Mandate Has Beenrush to get as many people injected as pos- pliance, peaceful mass civil disobedience, Issued. Lets be clear: There is no vaccinesible before the snowballing evidence ofand massive legal action.mandate right now. What Biden announceddeath and harm from these COVID-19 ex-is that he was instructing OSHA to createperimental injections reaches a critical mass2021 Scott C. Tipsrules crafting a mandate. So, there can onlyandexplodesintowidespreadcommonFor the Endnotes, please go to: be a mandate when OSHA creates its reg- knowledge and outrage. At the same time,https://thenhf.com/trick-or-treat10 H ealtHF reedomN ews /F all2021'