b'tein presence, but the Vitamin-C and HP nebulizationapproacheswillalsoim-prove and maintain health in general. Ultraviolet blood irradiation and hyper-baric oxygen therapy will likely achieve the same therapeutic effect, if available.4.Ivermectin,hydroxychloroquine,and chloroquine are especially important in preventing new binding of the spike pro-tein to the ACE2 receptors, which need to be bound in order for either the spike protein alone or for the entire virus to gain entry into the target cells (Lehrer and Rheinstein, 2020; Wang et al., 2020; Eweas et al., 2021). These agents also appear to have the ability to directly bind up any circulating spike protein before it binds to any ACE2 receptors (Fantini et al., 2020; SehailiaandChemat,2020;Sahaand Raihan, 2021). When the ACE2 receptors are already bound, the COVID-19 virus cannot enter the cell (Pillay, 2020). These three agents also serve as ionophores that promote the intracellular accumulationmarkers of persistent spike protein-relatedsuch a long-term supplementation regimen of zinc that is needed to kill or inactivateillness. The measures noted above, partic- is advisable regardless of how much of the any intact virus particles that might stillularly the Vitamin C and HP nebulization,protocol discussed above is followed.be present. should result in the disappearance of the D-dimer in the blood while normalizingOMNS Contributing Editor Dr. Thomas E. 5.Many other positive nutrients, vitamins,the appearance of the RBCs examined withLevy is board certified in internal medicine and and minerals are supportive of defeatingdark field microscopy. Even though newcardiology. He is also an attorney, admitted to the spike protein, but they should not beresearchistakingplacedailythatmaythe bar in Colorado and in the District of Co-used to the exclusion of the above, espe- modifytherapeuticrecommendations,itlumbia. The views presented in this article are cially the combination of highly dosedappears that taking the measures to elimi- the authors and not necessarily those of all Vitamin C and HP nebulization. nate D-dimer from the blood and to main- members of the Orthomolecular Medicine News tain a consistently normal morphologicalService Editorial Review Board or of the Na-Recap appearance of the blood is a very practicaltional Health Federation.As the pandemic continues, there is anand efficient way to curtail the ongoingNutritional Medicine is orthomolecular medi-increasing number of chronic COVID-19morbidity and mortality secondary to thecine. Orthomolecular medicine uses safe, effec-patientsandpatientsofpost-COVID-19persistent spike-protein presence seen intive nutritional therapy to fight illness. For more vaccinationwithanumberofdifferentchronic COVID-19 and in post-COVID-19information, see http://www.orthomolecular.org. symptoms.Furthermore,thereisanin- vaccination patients. Reprinted here with the kind permission of the creasing number of vaccinated individualsThere are many vaccinated individualsOrthomolecular Medicine News Service. Please who still end up contracting a COVID-19who feel well, yet remain cautious aboutsee the OMNS free subscription link at http://infection. This is resulting in a substantialpotential future side effects, and who reallyorthomolecular.org/subscribe.html and also the amount of morbidity and mortality aroundhave no easy access to D-dimer testing orOMNS archive link at http://orthomolecular.the World. The presence and persistence ofdark field examination of their blood. Suchorg/resources/omns/index.shtml.Veryuseful the COVID-19 spike protein, along with thepersons can follow a broad-spectrum sup- information can be found there.chronic colonization of the COVID-19 virusplementation regimen featuring Vitamin C, itself in the aerodigestive tract as well as inmagnesium chloride, Vitamin D, zinc, andTo access Endnotes, please go to the lower gut, appear to be major reasonsa good multivitamin/multimineral supple- www.thenhf.com/canceling-the-spike-proteinfor illness in this group of patients. ment free of iron, copper, and calcium. Pe-Persistent elevation of D-dimer proteinriodic, but regular, HP nebulization shouldNeither Health Freedom News nor the author are in the blood and the presence of rouleauxbe included as well. This regimen will offersuggesting that any medical care or treatment be conducted without competent medical advice and formationoftheRBCs,especiallywhengoodspike-proteinprotectionwhileop- supervision.advanced in degree, appear to be reliabletimizinglong-termhealth.Furthermore, 24 H ealtHF reedomN ews /F all2021'