b'NHF Board of GovernorsElection 2022 NotificationDear Fellow NHF members, Expect to then receive your unique link for voting in December 2021. One additional, reminder email will be sent out to all regis-We are happy to announce that the NHF Board of Governorstered voting members in January 2022. As always, we will never Election of 2022 is scheduled to be open for our members tospam your email and are the only authorized entity with the cast their votes from December 22, 2021, to January 29, 2022.right to contact you about this election. For this to work well on-This year continues our transition to online voting for our Boardline, we need as many members as possible to provide us with members. The paper-ballot method will still be availablebuttheir email address.only upon special request, and this transition will enable theYou can find information about the Board of Governors can-Federation to save thousands of our dollars in costs for eachdidates who are up for election in this 2022 election cycle at election cycle. All NHF members please make sure that the NHFhttps://thenhf.com/nhf-board-elections-2022/ and through the HQ has your most current, working email address. If in doubt,email link that will be sent to all registered NHF voters.please send it to us at contact-us@thenhf.com. All further voting details will follow by email. The results For any of you who may be electronically challenged for anyfrom the election will be announced in the issue of Health Free-reason or who simply prefer to vote as in the past elections,dom News that first follows the vote tabulation by the Federa-you can contact the NHF headquarters by telephone (1-626- tions CPAs.357-2181), email (contact-us@thenhf.com), or by regular postYour vote is most highly appreciated and is your opportunity mail (P.O. Box 688, Monrovia, California 91017, USA), before orto weigh in with your voice for protecting and sustaining the within a reasonable time after the start of the voting period, andhealth and health freedom of everyone globally.request that a paper ballot be specifically mailed to you. PleaseThank you with my warmest wishes,provide your name and complete mailing address. So long as your ballot is postmarked by January 29, 2022, it will be validScott C. Tipsand counted. PresidentThe annual election of members of the NHF Board of Gov- National Health Federationernors, in accordance with the NHFs By-Laws and the current schedule of the Board, will be open to all members worldwideANNOUNCEMENTwho are in good standing and a special link with a registrationThe NHF will hold its annual NHF members meeting on code to vote online will be sent to each member individuallyJanuary 31, 2022, at 10:30 a.m., at 240 Main Street, Morton, only by email. Please make sure you are connected with theWashington 98356NHF by sending your email address to contact-us@thenhf.com. H ealtHF reedomN ews /F all2021 11'