b'a nnounceMentJACK CRACIUN III Appointed as NHF/FHRExecutive Director of Marketing and FundraisingT heo a Na- commercially successful FM radio station,cated to Return Health to Humanity by t i n a lWNCR- FM in Cleveland, Ohio, the estab- educating the public, business, and health-H e l t hlishment of the first national FM radio sta- careindustryleadersthroughgoodsci-Federa- tion network, and the first national radio/ ence and newsworthy facts that prove the tionhaswelcomedtelevision simulcast, In Concert, throughimportance of orthomolecular medicines Mr. John J. (Jack)a network of 37 major-market radio and TVapplication of nutrition to prevent and/or CraciunIIItothestations established by ABC. WNCRs suc- cure disease. TFMFs mission is inspired by Advisory Boards ofcess gave it the ability to break into main- the surviving legacy of the late Dr. Richard NHF and its sister organization, the Foun- stream media and fracture corrupt U.S. bigA. Kunin, M.D., former NHF Vice President dation for Health Research (FHR), and isbusiness, mainstream media, and govern- and Member of the NHF Board of Gover-pleased to announce his appointment to thement by breeding corporate and consumernors, who was a pioneer of orthomolecular position of Executive Director of Marketingactivism that led to the rise of the environ- (nutrition-based) medicine. His lifes work and Fundraising for both organizations. mentalmovementin Americaandthenblazed trails that are the essence of the fu-Jack Craciun III is Chairman and CEOaround the World. ture of medicine. Dr. Kunin accepted the of both ITM Ltd. (Group of Cos.) and theJack spent over 23 pioneering years inpositions of TFMF Honorary Director and non-profit The Future of Medicine Founda- China to help build a nation that wouldMember of the Board of Advisors before his tion (TFMF). A globally recognized Chinabecome the Worlds number two economy.death in February 2021. Specialist, Jacks work in FM Radio, mediaHebelievescross-culturalexchangehas communications, cross-cultural exchange,been the key to expanding global prosper- NHF President Scott C. Tips and the other and third-world economic development hasity throughout history. As economist Ottomembers of the NHF Board of Governors are redefined international consumer productT. Mallery once said, If soldiers are not topleasedthatJackhasjoinedtheNHFteam manufacturing and branding. His human- cross international boundaries on missionswith such enthusiasm, and are looking forward itarian initiatives perpetuate the pioneeringof war, goods must cross them on missions ofto many great achievements from his work. spirit of his family name, Craciun, whichpeace. That peaceful trade was Jacks goal.is Romanian for Christmas. In 2020, Jack founded TFMF, made up ofFor detailed biography, go to: http://itmltd.com/Jacks leadership helped birth the firstglobal business and medical leaders dedi- NHF-FHR-BIO-Jack-Craciun-III.pdfBOOK REVIEW (continued from Page 29) weaponhave identical reactions rangingmike-yeadon.php) This experimental med-from anaphylactic shock to autoimmuneical devicecalled a vaccinedeliberately large efforts to ban aspartame State-by-Statediseases such as MS, lupus, and rheumatoidinfects you with the spike protein, and in and country-by-country. I have personallyarthritis, and blood diseases like idiopathicthe case of mRNA vaccines, they turn your traveled the World to educate the publicthrombocytopenic purpura, clots, strokes,body into a weaponized spike-protein fac-about the dangers of aspartame. Chaptersand cardiac death. They are both systemictory that churns out these deadly particles ofMissionPossibleWorldHealthInter- poisons and both damage the mitochondria,and floods them into your bloodstream and national keep translating aspartame doc- or powerhouses, of the cell. As one physi- then throughout your whole body. In com-uments for their countries. Then come thecian said, The combination is suicide. bination with aspartameas we can see shills to misinform and use their power toDr. Judy A. Mikovits, who wrote Plaguefrom Dr. Waltons new bookthese experi-prevent the truth from leaking out. TheseofCorruption,saidthatthesevaccinesmental injections are especially lethal.demonicpowershavewithoutadoubtwould most likely kill everyone who tookI just recently saw that a damning, new ar-caused millions of deaths. Obviously, theythem, in all probability an incredible 50ticle has been released by Philip Landrigan got to the courts as well since six class ac- millionpeople.(Seehttps://rense.com/ and Kurt Straif entitled Aspartame and tions have already been denied by judgesgeneral96/most-who-take-the-vaccine-will- CancerNew Evidence for Causation. (See for baseless reasons. die.php) Dr. Mike Yeadon who was a Vicehttps://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/arti-Today, we are plagued by the so-calledPresident of Pfizer for 20 years and its chiefcles/PMC8042911/). This article provides pandemic and what they call a vaccine isscientist said Pfizers vaccine will causeyet more support for Dr. Waltons Double in reality a nano bioweapon, a medical de- premature death and three more years toBlind book, which I very strongly encourage vice that was patented 22 years ago. Thelive after injection would be a generouseveryone to read. It could just be a lifesaver reactions to aspartamea chemical warfaredate. (See https://rense.com/general96/ for you, your family, and your friends.30 H ealtHF reedomN ews /F all2021'