b'P resideNtsN oteTrick Or Treat Why the government keepstrying to trick usBY SCOTT C. TIPS, NHF PRESIDENTN ormal people understandably expect their elected officials andevenregulatorstobe honestwiththem.Because normalpeoplearetypicallyhonestand straightforward, they expect others to be that way as well, especially with all of the civic responsibility and pride already incul-cated in them over their many years of pub-lic (government) schooling. And yet, time after wearying time we continue to be dis-appointed by government lies and trickery.These last two years have seen govern-ment and mass-media lies elevated to high art form as they continually lie to us by ex-aggerating the dangers of COVID-19, brag-ging about the safety and efficacy of the highly experimental COVID-19 injections, and hiding the fact that the vaccinated are the true cause of the huge spike in COVID-19 cases. Too Many Lies to MentionThere is not a proper place to even begin listing the non-controversial lies and tricks thrown at us by the American and otherlished with the support and funding ofknowing full well that they carried am-governmentsworldwide.Butletsstartthe Carnegie Foundation. This Reportmunition and weapons for the British, with the end of the 19th Century and men- wrongly denigrated all natural medicinewhich made them fair game for German tion just a fraction of the lies and cover-ups: in favor of a medical elite that then usedsubmarines. The Lusitania was struck by the Report to take over the practice oftwo torpedoes, but the resulting heavy 1898The U.S. armored cruiser Mainemedicine and monetize it. explosions revealed that the British gov-blew up in Havana harbor and the ex- ernment had lied about its cargo mani-plosion was quickly blamed on Spain.1915The sinking of the British civil- fest, which had considerable amounts of Yet, decades later it was shown that theian passenger cruiser RMS Lusitania washigh explosives in its hold.explosion was an internal one from coal- blamed entirely upon German terrorism dust accumulation. Too late, though, toon the High Seas; and, yet, the German1917The fake Zimmerman Telegram stop a war. government took out full-page ads inhelped launch the U.S. into the Great U.S.newspaperswarning AmericansWar. A total creation of British Intelli-1910The Flexner Report was pub- against taking passage on British ships,gence, this fraudulent document pur-6 H ealtHF reedomN ews /F all2021'