b'LETTERS TO THE EDITORGive the Dear Editor, Dear Editor,I am honored to have my book, 7 STEPSI have just watched Teri Newmans video Greatest Health-TO DENTAL HEALTH: A Holistic Guide to aat www.ukcolumn.org. It was such a pow-Healthy Mouth and Body, reviewed by Kath- erful statement explaining her terrible situ-Freedom Gift erine A. Carroll for your journal [Winteration and praising the benefits of GcMAF. 2020, Vol. 38, No. 4]. I am so grateful that it has given her life, of All. I am curious to knowhow did you findhope, and the fight to carry on and speak out about the book? Nevertheless, it was aout for this treatment as an alternative to very exhaustive review. the Big Pharma solution. This is espe-Help Preserve and The book was the result of four years ofcially relevant in our time of Covid-related research, contribution, and review by manytreatments.Protect a Health- health practitioners. For its third edition,Thatsaid,havingfollowedthisstory Freedom Heritage for anotheryearwasspentresearchingad- further, I have learned that David Noakes vances in both conventional and biologicalis currently incarcerated in a French prison the Next Generations. dentistry. (See https://www.healthyaging. for trying to continue his healing work. This One of the most powerful ways to institute/books/dental/, especially Lon- makes me desperately sad. I wonder if you preserve and protect a Health-Freedomgevity Talks.) had any help to offer him. I am trying to Heritage for the next generations is by Thisturbulenttimehashighlightedthink of ways, but I am not as politically some cracks in our understanding of keep- astute and as well versed in dealing with remembering the NHF in your will. ing us healthy, which have polarized peo- overwhelminglyinfluentialagenciesas For more than six decades, periodicple everywhere. The COVID-19 crisis hassome others seem to be.bequests from our dedicated memberschanged the way healthcare is accessed andThanks again for Teri Newmans vital tes-have served as a valuable financial boostdispensed. We know that modern medicinetimony! My thoughts are with Teri as I hope enabling us to better fight for your healthhas failed to some extent, which has neces- for her continued health and those others freedom. Many of the major victories wesitated taking the charge. who could be helped further by David and have achieved through the decades wouldWe aim to level the playing field by pro- his associates, if he could be free to do so.not have been possible without someonevidingeducationanddisseminatingtheBest wishes,caring enough to remember the NHF inresearch through the not-for-profit HealthyRobert Allantheir will. Aging Institute (HAI). Please, act today to preserve and protectI sincerely hope that we can get supportDear Robert,a HEALTH-FREEDOM HERITAGE forfrom an organization like yours and in turn,TheNationalHealthFederationhas the next generations by taking the time towe will collaborate to further your cause. been actively providing both fundraising remember the NHF in your will. Best Regards, and legal support for David Noakes, our Your passionate advocate for HealthMax Haroon NHF Chairman. We appreciate your offer Freedom, to help! You can donate to his defense Dear Mr. Haroon, athttps://thenhf.com/make-a-donation/, Toansweryourquestionofhowwewhere you can also read updates on Da-came across your book, it was referredvids case status. to NHF by co-author and NHF memberBest Wishes,Klaus Ferlow. We look forward to educat- Scott C. Tipsing the public with more fine work coming from you and holistic dentists around theDear Editor,World. I put documents on a USB stick and gave Thank you so much, away a Vaccine Detox Protocol. There is Scott C. Tips hope for the vaccinated; they can detox from the shot and save their health and lives. 4 H ealtHF reedomN ews /F all2021'