b'B ookr evIewBY DR. BETTY MARTINI, D.HUM.Double Blind: Science, corruption& the Diseases of CivilizationBy Ralph G. Walton, M.D., DLFAPA D r. Ralph Walton wrote Doubleindividual studies were interpreted werenosafedosediketopiperazine (DKP), a (ISBN-13: 979-8745448058; Independently published; 2021, paperback, 131 pages. $5.00; Kindle, $3.10) Blindaboutaspartame,butconsistently inconsistent. He concludedof a chemical this book teaches us so muchthat EFSAs credibility had been seriouslypoison damaging the brain, and aspartame more. You will read what justdamaged when it approved aspartame forbreaks down to one physician did in 40 years to try to stopuse in Europes food supply. brain-tumor agent causing brain cancer in the mass poisoning of the public by thisThe author discusses the Prof. Erik Mill- original studies.addictive, excito-neurotoxic, carcinogenic,stone and Dr. Elisabeth Dawson July 2019There is so much more to learn from this genetically engineered drug, adjuvant, andpaper on EFSAs toxicological assessmentbook as Dr. Walton goes through the dis-teratogen. of aspartame. Among other findings men- eases triggered or precipitated by aspartame Dr. Walton is a psychiatrist who, decadestionedhere,thoseauthorswrote,Thislike blindness, multiple sclerosis, lupus, and ago, observed something unusual in onepaper has provided numerous pieces of evidencerheumatoid arthritis, for starters. As a te-ofhispatientswhowasconsumingas- showing that the implicit criteria by referenceratogen, one can add horrible birth defects partame after the artificial sweetener hadto which the ANS panel evaluated toxicologicaland mental retardation to the list of horrible been approved (and, I might add, was ap- studies on aspartame were not even-handed. Oninjuries. Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) proved because of the political chicanerythe contrary, they were markedly asymmetric asand autism are rampant because of it. Rit-of Donald Rumsfeld). (See Sweet Misery: Abetween apparently positive and negative stud- alin is an often-prescribed drug (even to Poisoned World at https://www.youtube. ies. In quantitative terms, the panel treated ~preschool, 3-to-5-year-old children) and in com/watch?v=toKyRlpmG7A)Dr.Wal- 76% of apparently negative studies as if theyits generic form it contains aspartame. And, tonspatienthadaseizureandbecamewere reliable, despite their numerous shortcom- even the FDA reports 92 possible symp-manic. Aspartame, it has been revealed, de- ings, yet it deemed 100% of positive studies astoms, including death, associated with the pletes serotonin (the happy hormone) byunreliable, despite the fact that their shortcom- consumption of aspartame. Upon intake, up to 74%, according to a study publishedings were often fewer and less serious than thosethe methyl ester in aspartame immediately in2018.(Seehttps://www.jocn-journal. that characterized the negative studies. Thisbecomes free methyl alcohol, which causes com/article/S0967-5868(18)30577-0/full- asymmetry favoured commercial and industrialchronic methanol poisoning. This affects text) Even in aspartame manufacturer G.interests over the protection of consumers. the dopamine system of the brain, causing D. Searles own study of seven infant mon- Knowing that aspartame triggers all typesaddiction. Victims sometimes suffer terribly keys, five of them had grand mal seizuresof psychiatric and behavioral problems, hetrying to free themselves from this toxins and one died. Because he had discoveredwondered about a public that is alreadyaddictive hold upon them.the horrors of aspartame soon after its ap- compromised with depression problems andAs the founder of Mission Possible World proval by the FDA, Dr. Walton always firsthow they would then react to the additionHealth International, I have been exposing took a dietary history of his new patients,of a deadly neurotoxic drug. He performedthe dangers of aspartame for over thirty taking them off aspartame immediately. Byan aspartame study that did not even useyears. Dr. Walton told me that he wanted no doing so, he saved many lives. the allowable daily intake for the artificialprofit from his aspartame medical text, but While the text goes into the many diseasessweetener, but an amount far less. Sadly, theonly to inform the World of this killing ma-that aspartame triggers or precipitates, itadministrator who took part in the studychine and save lives. Here is the Amazon link also shows the paths that Dr. Walton tooksuffered a retinal detachment and lost histo the book: https://www.amazon.com/to expose aspartame and keep his patientsvision in one eye, while another had con- Double-Blind-corruption-Diseases-Civiliza-free of it. He appeared and testified beforejunctival bleeding. The research subjects intion/dp/B093QCHZBY. To appear on Am-the UK Parliament to ban it, just as UK Par- the compromised group reported that theyazon.com, the author had to put some price liamentarian Roger Williams declared as- were being poisoned, and the study had toon his book, so he is selling the paperback partame a biochemical-warfare weapon. be interrupted immediately. version of this informative medical text for Dr. Walton also testified in Italy before theThis reminds me of the words of FDAonly $5.00, and only $3.10 on Kindle.European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).scientist Dr. Adrian Gross who told the U.S.We have tried everything from sending There, he reported to them that a central ar- Senate on August 1, 1985, that because as- petitions to ban aspartame to the FDA to gument in his critique of the EFSA draft as- partame caused cancer you could not set sessment was that the criteria by which thean allowable daily intake. There simply isBOOK REVIEW (continued on Page 30)H ealtHF reedomN ews /F all2021 29'